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Catapult Network

Having worked with many of the Catapult companies and very consistenly with Satellite Applications Catapult, we relished the prospect of developing this landscape, 44-page, full-colour, ring-bound brochure for the Catapult Network. Our involvement aside from the design and artwork, included info-graphics, photo sourcing, suggestions and print management. The whole project was completed inside three weeks.

Smith Institute

The Clear22 studio was buzzing when we received the confirmation that Smith Institute were commissioning us to design and produce their ‘Insight’ brochure! Studying the Smith Institute website, we soon became captivated in what these guys were about ‘Improving the world using mathematics’! Creating a brochure for SI has been inspiring, stimulating and challenging that Maths part of the brain that has been hibernating since our school days.

bro h2 smithinstitute
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Vogue Homes

A creative teaser for the development industry to showcase our wealth of experience constructing innovative, bespoke and informative brochures. Our abundance of expertise in this field is the essence of good design to market any product. Project included logo creation and brand application to this square, sixteen page brochure.

We have worked with Clear22 for the past 6 years and they have helped to redesign our brochures and presentation templates. They make it very easy to work with them – super-responsive and creative, they take time to understand our approach and tone, and provide sound advice about what works well. A real pleasure to work with – I would recommend them to anyone.

Clare Harris
Head of Business Development, Agenda Consulting

Brochures will always be needed!

The ‘traditional’ brochure is still a very important part for your business profile. That said, in this digital age, it doesn’t have to be printed – we design and artwork brochures for online viewing and download more often than ever before.  To discuss your next brochure, give us a call and lets get them pages looking great!