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Leighton Park School Prospectus

The Schools principles of Simplicity, Truth, Respect, Integrity, Peace, Equality and Sustainability, created in a stripe motif to carry their message throughout the school branding. The values and ethos of the school emanate from their prospectus through testimonials, carefully selected images and graphics.

Planet Water

Along with various items of collateral, this was one part of the fantastic educational section that Planet Water delivered to rural schools of Asia. The Workshop Manual series were developed and designed by us to support their water tower programme. Each manual was also translated into four languages: Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog and Khmer.

We proudly support everything Planet Water do in the pursuit of providing clean water to millions of children around the world and wish them all the very best for the future.

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The Park Magazine

Designed and produced three times a year, The Park magazine is a showcase for Leighton Parks events, achievements and an effective way of informing parents of upcoming events. The triannual publication has considerable educative value as it encourages students to think and write.

The team at Clear22 never fail to deliver a service which exceeds our expectations whether we are after a 10 foot fence panel or a new prospectus. They are a delight to work with; professional, inspired and a lot of fun! The creative process is a positive and collaborative experience, ensuring that we achieve our aims whilst taking design practicalities into account. They are always such a huge help and really care about the output, they feel like an integral part of our organisation.

Emma Randall

Helping schools reach their audience and achieve their goals.

With our experience of providing high-quality educational material for schools both large and small, we’re very well placed to understand what schools need to speak the right language to their audience. We have provided schools with all forms of marketing collateral for over ten years and even devised our own very special student diary project. If your school is looking for a new approach, a fresh message and ‘look’ we’d love to hear from you.